Friday, August 1, 2014

And... here I begin preaching Product Management

Welcome to the blog – I’ve thinking of setting up for a long time. A passionate for PRODUCT MANAGEMENT, my enthusiasm, love and experience (so far) with this domain of management has compelled me to come out in the open and express my opinion on various aspects of it.

An IT professional for 7 years, I’ve been into Product Management for a year now working on end-to-end product life-cycle from product concept to launch for different categories including mobile apps and s/w to VAS services to internet-of-things to healthcare platform.

I’m currently working for a healthcare start-up in US handling various aspects of product management. Ideally, I would like to update the blog as I keep on learning, however occasionally I will also be posting blog on topics that are of interest to product manages.

This blog will be considered a success if it helps anyone learn product management, improve their performance or at-least enables someone take a decision that makes his/ her product a success.

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